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Instructions and safety information



Unpack carefully and keep packaging away from children and babies to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Stand your leg lamp upright and place on a firm level surface and ensure that the cable is positioned safely to avoid accident or injury.

To insert the lamp carrier – carefully unscrew the plastic skirt on the light bulb fitting and insert the lamp carrier.  Carefully replace the plastic skirt and screw into place making sure that the lamp carrier is secure.

Your leg lamp comes supplied with an 8 watt (equivalent to 60 watts) Auraglow energy saving LED bulb. Unlike traditional bulbs the LED bulb emits very little heat and lasts up to 35,000 hours.  We recommend using these bulbs and should you need a replacement then please contact us.  Any bulb exceeding 60 watts should never be used with any of our lamps.

Insert the LED bulb supplied and place lamp shade on carrier ensuring that it is evenly balanced.  Plug in and switch on your lamp using the on/off torpedo switch.

Do not unscrew any of the electrical housings or pull on the connecting wire.  Do not use the lamp if it becomes damaged or the connecting wire shows any signs of damage.

Before leaving our premises your mannequin leg lamp is checked that it is electrically safe.  Each lamp has its own serial number and safety certificate which is kept on file by us.

Furthermore all components in the mannequin leg lamp (excluding the shade) have been independently tested to be RoHS compliant.  All our mannequin leg lamps carry the CE marking.


For extra safety all lampshade materials are treated with a fire retardant spray.  However they should always be kept away from fire or a naked flame.

Some of the lamp shade fabrics and leg dressings used are very delicate, so please be gentle.  To remove dust brush gently with a soft brush or use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner.  Ideally this should be done on a weekly basis to avoid any build-up of dust.  Baby wipes or a soft damp sponge could be used for removing small marks, but always test an inconspicuous area first.

Never over wet any of the fabrics as this may reduce the effect of the fire retardant treatment.