Making your home glow with style



Clare at home

I love my lamp; it makes my living room look so cosy and everyone comments on how different it is.

Clare (from Staines, Middx)





I am the proud owner of Betsy and Paloma.  They are such talking points, especially Betsy as she lives in my lounge.

Paloma is in my bedroom and Linda made her to match everything perfectly.

They are so well made and so unique.  I have seen Linda working in her studio (there are legs everywhere!) and did not realise how much work goes into making each lamp and they are all different.  I also love the way she gives them all names.

I would recommend Linda’s designs to anyone who wants something different and stylish for their home.

Nicki (from Orpington, Kent)


Lynette is now in her new home after a long journey from Orpington to Somerset. It  has taken her a little time to become accustomed to her new surroundings,but after she was moved from one place to another she is now very happy in her special corner in the living room.  She is beside a lovely green plant which I think she must talk to, as it has grown a lot in the last few days. She has asked can you say hello to all her friends in Orpington and especially to the wardrobe mistress as without her she would not be here.

Regards the other Lynette  



Lynette in her new home.  She was commissioned by her new owner, who is also called Lynette.


Kareena's shoe Kareena 2c

I am delighted with my lamp, which we have named Kareena.  Linda made her in pure silk to match my dining room interiors.   It is so well made and all our friends comment on how unique she is.

Thank you for all your hard work and friendly service.

John M. (Orpington, Kent)


Purple silk

Silk fabric used for two table lamps

Linda has just made me four new lampshades for my home.  All handmade perfectly and so different with beautiful fabrics.

Thank you.  I would like you to design a shade for my bedroom next!

Jane M (Bromley, Kent)