Making your home glow with style

Bespoke Lampshades

A bespoke design service for uniquely designed lampshades with or without the mannequin legs

Hollywood Lamps bespoke services embodies everything that we value: specially made statement pieces, uniquely designed to suit a client’s own personal taste.

Most lamps available in the shops are generic in design and mass produced. By opting for a bespoke custom made Hollywood Lamp, you have the option to choose from so many combinations of materials, shapes and designs.

The significance of your own unique lamp, and what it means to you, will always be special. True individuality can only come from displaying a beautiful lamp in your home that has been created just for you.

Linda will work in partnership with you to determine your specific needs – her friendly and professional approach makes certain that every one of her clients feels listened to and appreciated.

To start things off, you will have an initial consultation with Linda (aka The Wardrobe Mistress), where she will be able to build a sense of your personal style and understand your design requirements. She will then use her specialist knowledge and talent to create a unique and beautiful Hollywood Lamp that is perfect for your home. You will have regular updates throughout the creation process and Linda will seek your opinions and feedback from start to finish.

Linda can source all kinds of fabrics but can also work with recycled fabrics from a wedding dress to a favourite gown.