Making your home glow with style

Welcome to Hollywood Lamps


The home of bespoke, high-end Mannequin Leg Lamps and  handmade Lampshades.

Fashionably quirky and completely unique, these showbiz lamps are guaranteed to wow your audience and make a statement in your home.

Hollywood Lamps was established by Linda Sears, aka The Wardrobe Mistress, in 2014. Her inspirations derive from a passion of using precise workmanship, beautifully hand crafted mannequin legs and quality fabrics. Backstage, in her props and costume department, Linda works her magic to create something truly unique.

Knowing that each customer’s style is unique, Hollywood Lamps offers a bespoke service and Linda can help you from the very beginning to advise on the right size, shape and style of lamp for you and your home. Linda is available to discuss any of your requirements and answer your questions by email or telephone. If you have something particular in mind it is often comforting to know that there is a real person at the end of the phone.

Thank you for visiting Hollywood Lamps – The Wardrobe Mistress and her girls all hope that you enjoy the show! Lights, camera, action!